Žuvintas Reserve

Žuvintas Reserve

Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve is situated in the southern Lithania, and almost the whole belongs to river Dovinė basin. The reserve includes Žuvintas and Amalava swamps, Bukta forest to the north of Žuvintas and lake Žaltytis with swamps around it. The area of the reserve is 5442 ha, swamps take 72%, lake Žuvintas takes 13%. The administration is in Aleknonys. The reserve was founded in 1937 to preserve the ecosystems of lake Žuvintas and surrounding swamps, rich fauna, especially birds.

Žuvintas is the first reserve in Lithuania which was famous as a kingdom of birds for a long time. It was founded thanks to prof. Tadas Ivanauskas efforts. Lake Žuvintas is very shallow and silty, surface and underwater vegetation flourishes here, it has a lot of floating small islands of vegetation. There are areas of upper swamps and big reeds and sedge thickets. On the western boundary Bukta woods are included into the reserve. Lake Žuvintas is called the cradle of Lithuanian swans, since swans have spread into Lithuanian lakes from this place. There are 255 species of birds registered in Žuvintas Reserve, the lake is famous for the abundance of hatching water birds.

In the building of administration you can see an exposition of Žuvintas reserve. You can look around the vast expanses of the lake from a small tower near it. 3 educational itineraries are offered for small groups of visitors, one of them is by boat.

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Tel. 8 315 49540
Fax. 8 315 49540
E-mail: zuvintas@takas.lt


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Heck yeah this is ealxcty what I needed.
2014.01.29 04:47:17 | Pelucas
n spring of youth it was my lotTo haunt of the wide world a spotThe which I could not love the less-So lelvoy was the lonelinessOf a wild lake, with black rock bound,And the tall pines that towered around.But when the Night had thrown her pallUpon that spot, as upon all,And the mystic wind went byMurmuring in melody-Then ah then I would awakeTo the terror of the lone lake.Yet that terror was not fright,But a tremulous delight-A feeling not the jewelled mineCould teach or bribe me to define-Nor Love although the Love were thine.Death was in that poisonous wave,And in its gulf a fitting graveFor him who thence could solace bringTo his lone imagining-Whose solitary soul could makeAn Eden of that dim lake.

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