Žemaitija National Park

Žemaitija National Park

Žemaitija National Park (ŽNP) was established in 1991 with the aim of preserving, managing and sustainably developing those areas of Žemaitija in north-western Lithuania, that are most valued for their natural and cultural qualities.

The details of the following activities and services can be found in the Park’s Information Centre in Plateliai. Tourist trips on foot, by bicycle and car looking at wildlife, historical and ethnical culture of Žemaitija. Boating and sailing, water bikes, windsurfing, yachting; best on lakes Plateliai, Beržoras and Ilgis. Angling permits are required from the HQ the ŽNP or from the Visitors (Information) Centre in Plateliai). The best lakes are Plateliai, Beržoras, Ilgis, Žiedelis and pond Rotinėnai.Camping is allowed in designated places by lakes Plateliai, Skyplaičiai, and Luoka. Visit museums and exhibitions.

Traditional festivals and other celebrations and events: Shrove Tuesday Carnival in February or March; Rasos or St. Jonas' Festival - Folk Art Festival on the 23rd of June; Great Church Feast in Žemaičių Kalvarija during the first ten days of July; Swimming Competition across Lake Plateliai on the last Sunday of July.

Contact information 

Didžioji g.10, LT-90420 Plateliai, Plungė dstr., Lithuania
Tel./fax: +370 448 49337
E-mail: znp@zemaitijosnp.lt


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2012.09.03 06:43:07 | Munhuu
In old days in North-Europe (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia), and still some places in Lithuania, pepole kept wild bees for producing honey. They did this in an old large pine tree. This man is lighting up fire in a traditiona way using steal, flint and a mushroom from birch to make smoke to get the bees out of the tree before he takes out the honey. Kind regards Annika Michelson HAMK University of Applied Sciences.
2015.10.14 15:18:36 | Rontrell
- Heath: Lovely photos! Did you check out the Waterton picrutes and film from Bill Oliver in the day . Many of his photos feature my grandparents Jem & Vic Valentine. Would love to use your picture of the Anderson foyer in my costume store blog. feefifofun.blogspot.com I'm doing a short piece on moving and memories. Jem lived in the Anderson for many years raising my mom there after WWII. I would source you of course! Let me know.

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