War Museum

War Museum

Kaunas War Museum was founded in 1919 by an order of the Lithuanian Army Commander General Pranas Liatukas. General Vladas Nagevičius took the initiative and in the time of 24 days set up the first exposition in an old wooden riding hall of Cossack regiment of the Don, which became the War Museum. The museum was officially opened on 16 February 1921, when the Republic of Lithuania celebrated its third Independence anniversary. The museum grew rapidly, expanded and became richer. The collected museum pieces reflected not only the development of weapons and former war battles. It also depicted the magnificent cultural and political past of the Lithuanian state.

The museum became not only the cultural center of the Lithuanian nation, but also its sanctuary. In 1930, celebrating the 500-year anniversary since the death of Vytautas the Great, a new corner stone of the museum was consecrated, and the museum was named after the Grand Duke. The expositions became better and more interesting, near the building flowerbeds were made and the square got the name of Unity.

At present, there are departments of archeology, military science of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the military science of modern times, public relations and security in the museum. The museum has more than 217 000 exhibits.

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64 Donelaicio st., LT-44248, Kaunas, Lithuania;
tel.: +370 37 320765, +370 37 422146;
fax +370-37-320765.
e-mail: V.D.karomuziejus@takas.lt


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