Vištytis Regional Park

Vištytis Regional Park

The area of Vištytis Regional Park is 10.1 thousand ha. It is in the southwestern part of Lithuania, bordering Karaliaučius region on the west and Poland on the south.

The territory of the park includes Vištytis-Gražiškiai highlands (a part of Sudovian moraine highlands between lake Vištytis and Šešupė upper river old valley) western part. This is the highest place in Baltic Highlands within Lithuania. Vištytis highland formed in the times of the last ice age at the juncture of Middle and West Lithuania ice streams.

The Kylininkai moraine hills are especially remarkable for the expressiveness of relief, characteristic of hilly country which was the boundary of ice formations which were made of washed gravel rich soil. In the north it descends noticeably to the Sudovian plain. Kylininkai moraine hill relief has characteristic big steep hills. They are separated by noticeable depressions. The surface of the hills has smaller secondary forms.  

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Vytauto st. 8, LT-70346 Vištytis, Vilkaviškio district
Tel. 8-342-63581


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Grade A stuff. I'm unqeutsionbaly in your debt.
2015.10.14 15:10:21 | Kanagu
Joanna & Eric, beautiful pietrucs of a lovely couple. I am so sad I couldn't be there. I am thrilled the day was as magical and wonderful as planned. Thank you for sharing this blog and the pietrucs. Kimberly and I are so happy for you both.

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