Vilnius Cathedral

Vilnius Cathedral

Arch-Cathedral Basilica of Vilnius (or simply Vilnius Cathedral) is a Lithuanian Archdiocese and Deanery centre. The Cathedral is located in the heart of Vilnius Old Town and enchants its inhabitants and guests by magnificence and classicist architectural style.

The first Cathedral was built in the middle of the XIII century. It had a transitional style from Romanesque to Gothicism and had the shape of a square. The floor was made of ceramic glazed plates. After the death of King Mindaugas (1263), the Cathedral may have been turned into a pagan temple. In 1387 under the supervision of Grand Duke Jogaila a new church with 5 chapels was built in the place of the pagan temple. In 1388 the Gniezn archbishop Bodzant consecrated it. This Cathedral had a school in 1387. In the long course of history it was destroyed, rebuilt, renovated, or burned many times.

In 1949 the Cathedral was closed. After 1953 it was handed over to the Arts Museum. Later it was made a Picture Gallery. During the soviet occupation the property of the Cathedral was handed over to various institutions, some part of it was sold. Afterwards damaged altars, broken furniture, organs, sculptures and tombstones were found. Today in the Cathedral the services are held every day, and in its underground vaults an exposition is displayed, reflecting its history from XIII century until our days.

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Katedros square 1,
Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. +370 5 2610731 

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