Venta Regional Park

Venta Regional Park

Rivers Venta, Virvytė, Dabikinės, Uogio and Avižilio have a unique landscape. There is an impressive Jurassic period opening in Venta slope. It is difficult to imagine without having seen the soot blackened or rusted areas in the rock in Venta valley slopes, complex stone works that are remnants of living organisms that had been swimming, crawling or creeping 135 million years ago.

The local people and visitors are attracted by the Black (Love) Stone which is in the 38th block of Kapėnai forester’s district (Žibikų forest). Its measurements are 4.1x2.9x1.1 m. In Papilė you can visit Simonas Daukantas museum, Papilė church, Papilė I and II historical mounds, Jurassic period opening where you can find fragments of fauna complexes that are turned into stone, admire the lime with fifteen trunks. If you have patience to travel on foot, having crossed Venta river by the “monkey” bridge, you will reach still functioning Augustaičiai water mill. Impressive and well known lime with fifteen trunks in Papilė the diameters of which are 24 and 26 cm and the height is 28 m. Because of numerous networks of rivers in the territory of the park, on the banks of Venta and Virvytė there are four water mill two of which, Viekšnių and Augustaičių, are still functioning. There is a part of remaining manor buildings and parks. These are fragments of Pavirvytės, Daubiškių and Kalniškių estates, characteristic of the architecture of this region. There are a lot of old burial sites the findings of which belong to the VII – XIII centuries. Iron tools, remnants of weapons characteristic of Samogitian and Zemgalian tribes were found here. Additionally, it is worth mentining Papilės I, Papilės II, Gyvolių and Viliošių historical mounds. Especially interesting are Viekšnių graveyard where you can find iron crosses ( moulded and hammered) from the XVII – XIX centuries.

Those who like water tourism will not be disappointed rowing in canoes and boats along Virvytė or Venta rivers. You will be able to admire the vegetation and other natural beauties.

There are convenient roads to visit natural landmarks and architectural monuments. You can ride bicycles, drive cars or go on foot. Those who like water and are willing to have a swim can do this in the swimming places made in rivers Venta and Virvytė.

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