Švėkšna Estate

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Švėkšna , Šilutės district.
Tel.: 8 441 62207, 8 441 48204
E-mail: muziejus@silute.omnitel.net

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2011.06.02 08:53:53 | Gerrilyn
What a joy to find such clear thinking. Tkahns for posting!
2012.10.06 12:02:05 | Jake
Carnival of real estate that sondus very interesting..I bet you will have lot of entries. And this would be a good idea in this market condition I think. Chances of selling or renting is more in these types of carnivals I guess. Today we need something like this because nothing seems to be working and we all are waiting for something to happen. I would definitely visit this carnival. Thanks for letting us know about it. And also not the least I like your blog and the articles.Regards,Michael McLaughlin, Cary real estate

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