Švėkšna Estate

History of the Estate

Švėkšna Estate, which belonged to Samogitian elder Mikalojus Kęsgaila, is mentioned since the middle of the XV century. The land of the estate bordered with Rietavas and Pajūris districts, royal land of Gardamas and in the west with Prussia. Kęsgaila's owned Švėkšna till 1569, because that year Kęsgaila's only daughter married Vitebsk governor Jonas Zaviša who got Švėkšna Estate as his wife's dowry.

Zvišas owned Švėkšna till 1624. Then at the beginning of the XVII century Švėkšna was fortified, damming up the streams of Švėkšna and Šalna and building a border fortification. Krispin Kirschestein owned Švėkšna in 1624-1694, during which period the works of paper, gunpowder and glass were set up, also there were brickworks, a sawmill and a wool-combing workshop. In 1644-1694 Švėkšna was owned by Denhofs, in 1694-1721 it was owned by Grotusas, and in 1721-1766 by Oginskis. In 1766 Švėkšna Estate was purchased by Livonia earl Vilhelmas Jonas Plateris. The estate remained in the hands of Plateris family until 1944.

After the restoration of independence, Švėkšna park and buildings were returned toLaimė Felicija Platerienė wife of Aleksandras Plateris who are decendents of Plateris family.

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