Radvilų Palace

Radvilų Palace

In the middle of the XVII century the Radvilų Palace was one of the most beautiful. But it was not a long time people could admire it. It was severely devastated by the wars and fires of the middle of the XVII and beginning of the XVII centuries. In the part which was renovated in 1990 a subdivision of Lithuanian Arts Museum was established. Also, an art gallery was opened here in 1990, and foreign arts gallery was begun to create in 1994.

One of the halls of the palace was dedicated to Radvilas and named Radvilų Hall. Here you can get acquainted with the famous Radvilas family and its most prominent members. In our days various exhibitions take place in Radvilų Palace , you can see portraits of Radvilas, familiarize with the history of the family. Besides, in Radvilų Palace various cultural and educational events are organized.

Contact information

Vilniaus g. 22
LT-01119, Vilnius
Tel. 8 5 2121477
El. paštas: galerija@ldm.lt 

You can also visit:  Pilies street, Vilnius University, Gediminas Tower

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Entertainment: "Misija" Paintball, "Misija" Straikball
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