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2012.09.04 06:19:20 | Lillian
Cameron-Hahaha, I wish I already had found that cotoracntr. The second list of bullet points from this post is me visualizing what the ideal solutions to all my problems are. When I find him, I might let you know, however I might not be willing to share! :p
2014.01.29 13:09:44 | Viktor
I am amazed by the ceollctive stupidity of human population. Dying from radiation is considered the worst death yet. Germany will be exposed to Tsunamies etc.In decades to come I hope people will come to terms with nuclear power. After all the natural sources get spent there will be no alternative.In the Fukushima accident it was clearly shown after investigation that the positioning the emergency generators at low ground and thus exposing them to water was the main flow. There was no power to continue pumping cooling water.

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