National Museum

National Museum

The Lithuanian National Museum originates form the Museum of Antiquities founded by the earl Eustachijus Tiškevičius in Vilnius in 1855. The museum collected and exhibited historical heritage of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. However, after the 1863-year uprising the activities of the museum were interrupted by the politics of Russification.

Dr. Jonas Basanavičius, one of the leaders of national liberation, established a Historical Ethnographical Museum on the basis of the collections of the Museum of Antiquities and Lithuanian Sciences Society. When Poland occupied Vilnius in 1920, this work was disrupted, and the museum collections were handed over to Vilnius University and later to the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. As a result of efforts of Vincas Žilėnas, a famous historian of culture, on the basis of these collections a Historical Ethnographical Museum was formed in 1952. Since this museum had large collections of Lithuanian archeology and ethnic culture, it was granted the name of Lithuanian National Museum in 1992.

Today, more than 998 thousand museum pieces are kept here. Annual expeditions of researchers of the Lithuanian ethnic culture and historians are organized, archeological excavations are carried out. More than a half of the museum pieces of all Lithuanian museums are conserved and restored in the restoration center of this museum. It allows you to get acquainted with the Lithuanian history, archeology, ethnic culture, and to admire the handworks of the forefathers.

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Arsenalo st., LT-01100, Vilnius, Lithuania;
tel.: +370-5-262774, +370-5-2629426;
fax.: +370-5-2611023.


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What an interesting blog you have! I am happy I found it! The tignhs you have written about the Lithuanian Parliament elections are pretty scary. It sounds like people casted for a stupid reality show or something, not for the parliament. On the other hand, Arnold Schwartzenegger has managed to do some good stuff as the governor of California... so maybe they're not totally hopeless, even though their background may be sketchy.

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