Museum of Clocks

Museum of Clocks

The idea of establishing Clock and Watch Museum was born not accidentally. The first exhibition of ancient clocks and watches was opened Klaipėda Art Gallery in 1977. It was formed with the help of Vytautas Jakelaitis, Dionyzas Varkalis and other Klaipėda collectors. The exhibition interested the citizens of Klaipėda and the guests very much. Thus Klaipėda Clocks and Watches Museum was opened in 1984. 

When the subject plan of the Museum was being put in details, it appeared the shortage of exhibits. In case to show the development of clocks and watches history, it was necessary to create the models of sun, water, fire, sand clocks and the details of mechanical clocks. The history of the development of clocks and watches is exhibited in four halls of the first floor. Clocks and watches according to the styles and forms are exhibited in five halls of the second floor.

Mechanical clocks make the greatest collection in the Museum. The development of these clocks is shown very properly.

Klaipėda Clocks and Watches Museum is an important centre of cultural, scientific and philosophical world cognition.  

Contact information  

Liepų st. 12, LT-92114, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Tel. +370 46 410414


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