"Misija" Paintball

"Misija" Paintball

What is paintball?
Paintball is a sports and military game, where two teams equipped with markers (paintball guns) are on opposite sides and shoot gelatine balls filled with water colours. When hitting a player, the ball easily breaks and leaves a paint stain on the clothing or mask. The team that is first to mark all of the opposing team’s players is the winner. Then another game begins, etc.

A variety of feelings and extreme memories
Paintball means speed, risk and tension. Persecution of players from the opposing team, fear of being shot, and other military actions leave an unforgettable impression. These are the feelings that a soldier experiences during a real battle. If you choose to spend time doing conventional things, you won’t experience these feelings.

Smoke grenades, attack shields, tasks
We have smoke and paint grenades, special attack shields (similar to the ones used by Special Forces), and sniper’s apparel. We offer interesting scenarios and tasks as well as teach you how to use paintball equipment and to hide better from the opposing players.

Invitation to “Style 69” night club after the paintball session
A stag party should be a hot party, shouldn’t it? That’s why we offer invitations to “Style 69” night club free of charge, where you can see a striptease and meet the city’s “hottest” girls.

Contact information  

Ukmergės st. 305-16, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 699 35520, +370 603 00755
El. paštas: klubas.misija@gmail.com


You can also visit: Vilnius Cathedral, Pilies street, Vilnius University

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2012.09.04 09:36:54 | Joelson
Tynan just had a great post on focusing on work. I've found myelsf getting overwhelmed, too.Any chance you could send that web contractor over my way? I'd love to talk with him about a few things.
2014.12.20 04:33:44 | Douglas
Well, I do have to say with 100% certainty that I have no other fredins who would even begin to make the statement, I need to go buy a new shelf to make room for more skulls in my studio ! Just another reason why I love ya .SO happy to hear that you created such a great and meaningful birthday filled with nothing but things you like (VERY thoughtful of your friend Chesna to offer to watch the boy w/o restrictions-such a gift in and of itself), came up with such a unique request for gifts, and that your fredins came through big time for you; it will be the birthday that keeps on going all throughout the year. Pure genius!!!To turn 37, surrounded by family and fredins, and feel especially loved by all I really can't think of anything better than that .XOXO

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