Kurtuvėnai Regional Park

Kurtuvėnai Regional Park

Kurtuvėnai Regional Park was established in 1992, with the aim to protect hilly landscape o Kurtuvėnai with forested and laky surroundings, its natural ecosystem and teasures of cultural heritage, create good recreation conditions, and encourage traditional lifestyle.

The park is situated on the edge of eastern Zemaitija's hilly land, on the watershed of the Venta and Dubysa rivers. In North-Southern direction the park is crossed by three ridges separated by valleys and lake scoops. 30 small lakelets are swashing and 20 forest rivulets running in the shelter of forests. Kurtuvenai settlement is surrounded by nearly 100 fishery reservoirs. In the western part of the park there spurt well-known springs of Svile, which are considered to be the biggest in Lithuania. In scoops of former lakes there are many little swamps. Kurtuvenai RP is the third most forested regional park in Lithuania. Its predominant forests are coniferous; its tessellated landscape is characteristic with high vegetation biodiversity. As many as 981 plant species have been found there. In the western part of the park some number of wolves live. Fishery reservoirs attract flocks of migrating birds. The park abounds with natural heritage objects: trees of impressive size and shape, colonies of grey herons and badgers, nests of prey birds, springs, stones, interesting relief formations. As many as 17 reserves have been established within the park boundaries in order to preserve the most valuable ecosystems.

Contact information  

Parko St. 2, Kurtuvėnai, LT-80223 Šiauliai distr., Lithuania
Tel. +370 41 370336
Mob. +37061829964
E-mail: info@kurtuva.lt


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