Krekenava Regional Park

Krekenava Regional Park

Krekenava Regional Park was founded in 1992 to preserve the landscape of Nevėžis river valley, its natural ecosystem and cultural heritage treasures, to look after them and use rationally.

Nevėžis old valley is the biggest treasure of Middle Lithuanian Lowland landscape. A lot of traces of the old riverbeds appeared when the river changed its course. In the time of tides Nevėžis river bursts from its banks and in the flooded bank meadows it leaves a lot of silt and forms a lot of pools and ponds of irregular shape. The landscape of Nevėžis old valley is little touched by man and is a heritage of the post ice-age times. Nevėžis Middle River Reserve is founded to preserve the treasures of nature and landscape.

Linkava hidrographic and Upytė geomorphologic reserves are distinguished in the landscape of the Regional Park. These reserves preserve the natural and picturesque river valleys and landscapes.

Natural treasures are abundant in the forests of the park as well. Old oak forests, soaked swampy woods, even small groves surrounded by arable land are the home for numerous plants and animals. Butterworts, northern firmoss and Lady's Slipper orchids flourish in the forests. In the old oak forests rare beetles can be found such as flower chafers. Black storks and lesser spotted eagles hatch here. The forests are full of boars, roes and deers.

The natural treasures of forests and marshy areas are protected in Gringaliai botany-zoology and Ramygala telmologic reserves.

In the forests and fields of the park you can encounter roaming aurochs. In the arable lands at night you can hear the sounds of quails and corn-crakes. In the parks of old estates, villages and settlements you will see a lot of bats, mysterious, rare and protected animals, living in various eaves and hollows of old trees.


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Švenčiuliškių village., Krekenava Lt-38311, Panevėžio district.
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Well. As much as I hate to admit it, there's a lot of truth to not being able to do it all in one short (maybe very short) lifetime. Doing and hinavg It All must be some ancient hoarding instinct: Like the squirrel that gathers more nuts for winter than it could ever possibly eat. Hm-m-m .Despite and because of the squirrel, some of those buried acorns turn into mighty oak trees. Now let me go think about that.
2013.11.12 19:00:22 | Aaron
Thank you for the activity page and for your wduferonl books. My third graders at Berry Elementary (an Environmental Science magnet school in Houston, TX) adore Sticky Burr. They have been passing our copies around the classroom like crazy, and keep asking me when the next one is coming out. Is there another story in the works?

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