Kaunas IX Fort Museum

Kaunas IX Fort Museum

Kaunas IX Fort Museum was founded in 9 July 1958. It is a historical and architectural monument protected by the state. The museum forms collections reflecting different periods of the IX Fort history. The kinds of exhibits in collections vary. A lot of information about Kaunas Fortress and the First World War, such as photographs, documents, written historical material, weaponry and ammunition is accumulated.

From periods of Independent Lithuania, Soviet and Nazi occupations a lot of documents, photographs, literature, pictures, numismatics, bonistics, faleristics and philately collections are amassed.

The biggest part of exhibits shed light on Soviet and Nazi occupation in Lithuania. These are photographs, letters, personal belongings and relics from exile of deportees and political prisoners. The activity of the resistance movement is reflected in personal belongings, photographs, and underground literature. The collection has personal belongings of people who survived the holocaust and those who died in IX Fort and concentration camps, their photographs and archive documents.

To shed light on the theme of the II World War personal collections of participants of the war are kept, in which there are photographs, letters, documents, awards, ammunition and weapons.

To supplement the mentioned themes there are displays of sculptures, color glass, works of art, creative works of artists and pupils. The museum has more than 65 000 exhibits.

Contact information

Žemaičių pl. 73, LT-47435,
Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel.: 8 37 377 750, 377 748
Tel./fax.: 8 37 377 715
E-mail: jmenciun@zebra.lt


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