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2009.11.17 14:55:56 | Anja-Kristin Oehding
Hello! I'm writing to you again about a necklace I saw in your window when I visited Klaipeda in August. It's a pendant with a little foot in a circle. I would really like to buy one of these pieces. Can you let me know how much it is and how we can arrange the shipment to germany? Thanks a lot, best regards from Hamburg, Anja-Kristin Oehding
2012.09.03 15:05:54 | Samet
Hi folks,My guess is that Rajini sir has not physically acted in RA-ONE. It is going to be all done using CG. If you look at all the shots, it seems that they have direetcd Shah rukh and they know where exactly Rajini sir's picture should come in. That's why you see Srinivasan and of course Soundarya for working on the CG's.Also if you notice, Rajini sir has not shaved his beared or mustash for this movie. Also when Shah rukh visited chennai after visiting rajini he said, rajini is hail and healthy, meaning he only visited him during that time.This is my view.I don't want everyone to go with more expectatations.Thanks.Swami -Let's not come to any conclusions. Just wait till Deepavali.- Sundar

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