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2012.09.04 05:55:59 | Yusuf
Droll, Mr./Ms. Botrytis cinerea, very droll ineded.I can't view the video on account of my Dial-Up connection and my lack of an Audio Driver, but I reckon it is also cuntingly droll.Fun Fact:Did you know that the English adjectives anal', (Relating to opening at the lower end of the alimentary canal), and anile', ( Relating to a foolish or doddering old woman) originate from the same Latin root which translates as wrinkled'?Too bad Penal' and Penile' are not derivative of the same Latin root poena' meaning; penalty.I do tell my Feminst friends that they are though- makes them feel better after I brake the news about the anal/anile thing.
2012.12.11 11:10:05 | Kasara
None can doubt the veracity of this aritlce.

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