Castle Museum

Castle Museum

Klaipėda Castle Museum was founded on the occasion of 750 years anniversary of the city of Klaipėda. The museum was established in the northwestern part of the castle-site. The museum provides expositions showing the development of Klaipėda and its castle in the 13th – 14th centuries.

Expositions with old tools, guns, cannonry, archaeological finds and dummies dressed in traditional medieval and renaissance clothes reveal the former life of the Klaipėda castle.

The modern requirements were also taken into consideration when the exposition was prepared. The exposition had to be not only scientific and conceptual, but also visually attractive and educative. Much useful information about Klaipėda and its castle can be found in the virtual museum and historical computer game, available in the Castle Museum.

It is also worthwhile to visit archaeological exposures and remaining castle bastions. Archaeologists exposed the substructure of the 14th – 17th c. buildings (very impressive is the substructure of the Big Gunpowder Tower). Moreover, the visitors of the museum can walk down the oldest (16th c.) causeway in Klaipėda and have an eyeful of Klaipėda panorama from the Bastion of Frydrich.

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Didžioji Vandens St. 6, LT-91246, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Tel. +370 46 410527, +370 46 410524 


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