Burbiškis Estate

History of the Estate

Burbiškis Estate in the Radviliškis district had the biggest collection of works of art compared to other estates in this district. Burbiškis Estate fostered the old estate gentry culture. The owners of the estate, Baženskiai, created a big beautiful park, erected monuments and statues there, collected an archive and a library. Most of the works of art, ordered by Mykolas Baženskis, were created by a sculptor Kazimieras Ulianskis (1878-1914). M. Baženskis inherited the estate in 1903 after his father's, Mykolas-Ignotas Baženskis, death in 1902. Living here he cherished an idea to decorate the park grown by his father with sculptures. He looked for a talented sculptor who could make his idea come true. M. Baženskis got acquainted with a young gifted sculptor K. Ulianskis in 1910, who was known as a gifted, diligent and modest artist. M. Baženskis, as is proper for a rich landlord, became a patron and took the sculptor to a journey around Italy. They visited other European countries too. It is most probable that during this journey visiting the most famous centers of art an agreement was made between the patron and the sculptor. They may have discussed and planned future works, and planned the order of sculptures in the park, because in 1911 the first monument in Burbiškis Estate was erected and other sculptures were created.


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