Biržai Castle

Biržai Castle

The Lithuanian nobles who became rich in the Renaissance period used to build defensive castles. The most impressive is considered to be the Biržai Castle, standing in the centre of Biržai, on the southern shore of Lake Širvėna. This artificially formed lake was designed to defend the outskirts of the castle and town. The complex consists of a palace, a bridge, gates and remnants of defensive fortifications. It is an example of late Western Europe bastion defensive fortresses. This castle was built in 1586 - 1589 after a design of an Italian bastion castle. The castle had four bastions, a three storied palace in the yard with renaissance pediments, an Evangelist Reformation church, arsenal and a food storehouse.

During the war against Sweden the fortress was destroyed. The second Biržai Castle was built by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania hetmon Jonušas Radvila, and later Boguslavas Radvila renovated it. The Biržai Castle is a typical palace built in a fortress. Paintings, reliefs, and sculptures in niches decorated the interior of the castle. Unfortunately, the Swedish army seized the castle and blew it up. It was rebuilt in 1978 - 1986.

Today this castle is a museum, and it organizes interesting excursions for visitors.

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J. Radvilos st. 3
LT-41175, Biržai, Lithuania
Tel: +370 450 31883, 33397 

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