Bilvinų Farmstead

Bilvinų Farmstead

You will find us at the 39th kilometer of the highway Kaunas-Jurbarkas, in the Panemuniai regional park. The farmstead was opened in 1989, one of the first in Lithuania. The exterior of the building reminds of a manor house of the end of the XIX century. Facades are made keeping to ethnographical traditions, the inside is reminiscent of the pre-war atmosphere where you can see antiquarian furniture dating back to the times of czar and various interesting antiquities. The hosts organize various family festivities and other events. For the convenience of guests there is a dancing hall, and the spacious banquet hall can take in 100 people. The second floor of the house has 9 lodging rooms for the night, in the yard there are 2 sheds, a basketball court, a fire place, a bathhouse, a tub and an open-air swimming pool.

Breakfast, accommodation, and the hall rental are the main services provided by the hosts. If the guests wish we can provide the services of photographers, musicians for weddings, birthday parties and various other family festivities.

Contact information

Kaunas-Jurbarkas 39 km, Panemunių regional park
Tel. 8 37 20 50 74
Mob. 8 685 82462, 8 652 86546


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2011.06.02 19:06:14 | Lexine
Kudos to you! I hadn't thoghut of that!
2012.09.03 21:35:54 | Anileek
Actually I don't care about the things in the hstoel, because I don't spend much time there. I prefer to go out, have a beer and see the city, town, whatever.I just had once a cool experience with those stuff, when I traveled through Australia and it was a hell of rainy day. Then it's the best to have those games and cool people in the hstoel.

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