Xamid 2015.12.14 09:29:32
Thanks! We certainly have eneojyd the opportunities. I'm not sure why this re-posted again, I wrote this earlier in the year. Probably part of merging blog. Anyway, I've had another bday and I'm 41 now. Your parents are in their 'late 40s' and that is not old haha!
Luri 2015.12.14 06:58:56
I love this post.Gosh, not everyone gets to live in all those pleacs as you have...though of course, everything comes with a price.(personally, I'd LOVE to travel....)40's not that old. I'm not saying my parents are, but they're both about a year away from 50. Hehe. It's all life lived. And lived well, loving people and following Christ. :)
Shahad 2015.10.14 15:17:53
Lyudmila I am Russian and I live in Sweden,I speak Russian,Swedish,Italian and I am here to study English better. My Russian etiacduon allows me to work as engineer of civil aviation in Scandinavian air company . Don`t forget that I am female !Secondary and high schools are free in Russia, some of Universities are free too. But not every Russian child studies English at school,a lot of them chose the other languages(which they like). Why does everybody have to know English ?
Sheimeka 2012.12.11 18:23:23
It's a very good change for those European coiutrnes above to open their borders,not only having more convenient transportation but also make the citizens from different coiutrnes better relationship with each other.In fact,if all the coiutrnes' borders are open to each other,that'll be the greatest progress of civilization.
Poppy 2012.09.04 05:35:35
The butt glue is a bit tacky. I'm feeling very loopy and unsoeufcd these days.I've almost finished an article due on Monday, just sold three articles to an overseas ed publisher and am working on converting my latest MS to first person. (I wish I would have figured that out 30,000 words ago.) Finished my hockey poem for the Coteau call for submissions for their 2008 anthology and submitted Acadian Star and a short story to a few contests. I guess it's not so bad, but I'm battling an earache at the mo' so I've been dragging the past few days. Great news on your progress! It's always hard to know where to begin but so exciting to start a new project.
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