Harni 2015.10.14 15:21:21
News of this had leaked out about a week beofre in the Lithuanian news. The most disgusting aspect is how the CIA is making it sound like these countries were happy to host these "secret prisons." Basically, it was an extortion racket with NATO membership the incentive for the Eastern European countries to aid the US in the rendition and detention of suspected terrorists. Cheney and Rumsfeld ran the White House like mafia godfathers for the first term and well into the second term beofre the situation threatened to spiral out of control, and Papa Bush stepped in to try to clean up the mess. Not the first time he has had to bail out Junior. Now the CIA is making it look like these countries "asked" to serve US interests anyway they could.
Jhon 2012.12.11 13:35:59
She reminds me - an elngaet, radiant flowering beauty wrapped with an exquisitely enrapturing jacket made of immense handmade crafted felt sourced from somewhere exotic and sensible. Her representation exhibits pure exuberance and fine details on how she captures on the tiniest imagery frit of magenta color from the scarf by paralleling with the color of the jacket. The patterns and transitions captivate the eyes and strongly draw one in. The back layers leave me speechless. The skirt shows the calyx-type flowing light puff layers with simplicity of the slim leather simple handbag and the boots are nicely deep rooted as great stems and branches. Her gentle ocean blue eyes and nicely coral lips are highlighted by the dashing diamond shaped metal earrings. She is a "stunning" light among the steel and glass buildings and cement streets. Thank you for the delightful, pure visualization with a striking harmonious composition and contours - true sophistication with a unique cultural sense.
Arnold 2012.09.04 08:47:10
grazu:))) krepsinis lituoveje dar karta irode kad gali suvieniti 3 milijonus net siurpuliukai laksto kaip kazkas sake kai ziuri? ypac galas idomus kai svencia visi rekia ant kelio net guliasi del lietuveles DDDD
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