Sarbjit 2015.12.14 10:18:50
Ashley, I saw you when you first opened your new cremaa and were playing around with it and learning about all the bells and whistles. Now look at you!! Wow, you have come a long way in such a short period of time. Can't wait to see how much more you grow in your photography and I am even more excited for our shoot TOMORROW together!! woop woop for engagement photos! lol xo
Sad 2015.10.14 15:17:02
I love your hair! I have been a magenta lover for about 5 years now and have had a love/ hate reltnioaship with it. Here is what I can say about the fading problem:If you wash your hair with shampoo EVERYDAY this is going to strip your color extremely fast (especially if you use hot water to rinse it) for some reason hot water just strips the color super fast. Secondly you will need to invest in some GOOD shampoo for when you do use product to clean your hair. I used Nexxus color assure shampoo and conditioner which is usually $12-15 a bottle but worth the investment if you want to extend the life of your color. So using good product/ reducing how often you wash it / and the temperature of the water makes a large difference.On another note: you should get a pillowcase that you don't care if it gets color on. This is an unnatural pigment so it will transfer to fabrics if it is wet for the first couple of weeks. I loved having my hair colored, and unfortunately had to color over it for a job but I would do it again in a minute if I could. On average I could make the color last about 2 months between colorings before it became a heinous color that desperately needed to be retouched. My stylist is amazing with contemporary color so I would suggest that you do your research and really ask if the stylist knows how to color the hair using unconventional colors.
Pov 2015.10.14 14:48:42
Nikon rocks! Haha! In each her/his own daw eh. But one professional pgphotraoher friend of mine has been a Canon user. He recently confessed that he'll make the big switch to Nikon since mas brighter and more defined daw ang colors sa Nikon.
Teboho 2014.12.20 03:18:36
Nikon rocks! Haha! In each her/his own daw eh. But one professional paohogrhpter friend of mine has been a Canon user. He recently confessed that he'll make the big switch to Nikon since mas brighter and more defined daw ang colors sa Nikon.
Juliana 2014.01.28 02:11:37
I am the same as you and until recently I had no idea why i was like this.I was disongaed as having Auditory Processing Disorder, which means I have a listening problem but that leads on to other realted issues such as word recall problems when speaking or writing, and problems with getting the words I want to use in the correct order when under stress. I also can not read from a prepared text or reading aloud.I am good at research and explaining thingds one to one or may be to a group maximum size of 3 people.For more information there I have added a few links below, and you might find the Adult APD forum a useful source of support and information
Tab 2012.09.04 03:40:13
She reminds me - an eengalt, radiant flowering beauty wrapped with an exquisitely enrapturing jacket made of immense handmade crafted felt sourced from somewhere exotic and sensible. Her representation exhibits pure exuberance and fine details on how she captures on the tiniest imagery frit of magenta color from the scarf by paralleling with the color of the jacket. The patterns and transitions captivate the eyes and strongly draw one in. The back layers leave me speechless. The skirt shows the calyx-type flowing light puff layers with simplicity of the slim leather simple handbag and the boots are nicely deep rooted as great stems and branches. Her gentle ocean blue eyes and nicely coral lips are highlighted by the dashing diamond shaped metal earrings. She is a "stunning" light among the steel and glass buildings and cement streets. Thank you for the delightful, pure visualization with a striking harmonious composition and contours - true sophistication with a unique cultural sense.
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